Sir Andreas Fuchs of Wurtbad

Full name

Sir Andreas Fuchs of Wurtbad


Paladin and holy man.


2472 IC


Last seen at the siege of Middenheim. Amongst the last defenders of the Northwest Wall when the City fell.

Preferred style of combat

Defensive...very defensive. Yes, this nobel knight was never afraid. He was just cautious and often choose to convert hes aggressive moves into defense. Truly his shield was often of much more use than his sword.

Other skills

A number of divine abilities often assisted Fuchs and his fellows. Healing and comforting words was amongst his diverse list of blessings.

The Legend

Fuchs was born in the town of Wurtbad in 2472. Hes father died shortly after his birth due to a famine that raged the county and his mother, realizing she couldn't take care of 4 children, signed Andreas to a monestary. Here Andreas adopted his religious faith and took up the the word of the gods in one hand and a sword in the other.

Fuchs was almost always traveling with his faithfull companion - his brother in arms and in faith - the priest Leif Borka. These two had grown up together in the same monestary and shared belief and childhood memeories. Fuchs still curse the day he let Borka fall victim the the vicious Beast Calamatheus.

Fuchs was a righteous man. He never took up a task for his personal benefit of gold. The protection of the weak, women and children was his utmost concern and many a wicked lowlife was paying a high price for his foul intensions

One of the most famous assets of Fuchs repertoire was his legendary sword "The Molecular Cleaver". The edge of this sword was - according to Fuchs - made of a single line of molecules which made it extremely sharp. Furthermore he claimed that when it was not used by him in his honor full quests it was lend to MIT's research labs.

The Heroes own Words

By the sacred light of the Heavens, Great pain shall mark foul deeds, Let us all forgive the...garrghh, enough of this nonsense....taste my steel, you green little punk!!!!

A friends word

Good fighting, almost convinced the enemy that you was a threat. Angull, after finishing the last Goblin at the Battle of Morkedai.