Full name



Warrior - Dwarven Defender


2289 IC


In 2502 Angull returned to Karak Kadrin where he was married to Gudrun Beardstubble, a fiery wife, who delivered Angull Junior after 113 hours of labor. Today Angull finds his peace in the mines below the hold, only the occasional Cave Troll gives him enjoyable company.

Preferred style of combat

Angull was a master of the dwarven defensive stance. This arcane method of combat has a tradtion often lost to humans. The words of baron von Scholten is our best description.

"Finally the dwarves from Karak Kadrin arrived in Blood Valley, where we hoped to surpise and slaughter the Orcish horde. Thane Angull Kadrin however marched directly to the center of the valley - laid down his Grudge Stone in the rolling grass and stepped upon it - his words was translated to me but gave little reason:

"No more ground shall be given, not one more inch of tunnel will be lost, the robbery and misery from these pathetic parasites will STOP. Stand firm and slay them by the hundreds, waver and all is lost. For KARAK KADRIN!".

The dwarves roared and beat axe and hammer on shields as the Orks came on. The Orcish horde slammed into the dwarven line - but incredibly it held firm and soon Orcs lay in mangled and dismembered piles before the dwarven wall of plate and steel. Our demilancers and pistoliers routed the remaining orcs. Yea, that was a pretty good day!"

Other skills

Angull can smell Beer, Lager, Ale, Stout, and even Cider (although he is too proud to admit it) on ubelievable distances.

The Legend

Angul had, as pretty much any dwarf of renown, many years of battle experience, when he met his companions. It was a cold october day, the wind blew down from the Grey Mountains numbing human cheeks and fingers on Tom, Andreas, Leif and K'Rieg, who were grateful for the fire Angull sat by. After the second keg of Bugmanns XXX, the four humans lay snoring and Angull decided, they could be handy.

Angull has seen all sorts of montrosities, inhuman insanity, orcish mischief on the fields of battle, which was I guess a good thing, when you think of what was to come. Through chaos infested cities, Skaven riddled sewers, the tombs of the undead - Angull saved every coin he could claim his. Finally Angull had enough wealth, that her could return and build a family, for his own.

The Heroes own Words

The difference on an aquaintence and a friendship is roughly 50 years, spent drinking together of course.

A friends word

I don't know if Angull would ever call me his friend, but I for one would call him mine if asked. Angull was very good at finding the gold angle in any deal - and never backed away - once the treasure was within sight. That did make him a very profitable fellow to follow. Tom Mercer