Monsieur Auguste Escoffiér

Full name

Monsieur Auguste Escoffiér


Spy (former Servant)


2469 IC


Currently working in the bretonnian restaurant "La jambe des chiens" where he is serving fine cuisine.

Preferred style of combat

Auguste has a very direct way of dealing with his enemies. He does not use any sophisticated means of combat but prefers the brute contact provided by his longsword. He usually guards himself with solid amour and a shield if the situation is serious enough.

Other skills

Besides his superiour fighting skills Auguste is by many considered the chef of the millenia. This unique combination of fighting prowess, sublime cuisine, brilliant and bold intellect has earned him a reputation in the upper echelons of intelligence agencies throughout the known world.

From the Le Chambre Noir in Bretonnia to Directorate 5 in Kislev, Auguste is known only by his code name "Le Chef" and no image of him is known to exist. His most famous moment was the dechipering of the hexen cipher used by the chaos hordes of the north in their campaing of 2501. This selfmodificating, quantum cipher was broken when Auguste disguised himself as a beastman, infiltrated the camp of the enemy and aquired the chaos artifact used for encoding the messages. Their secret communication laid bare for the emperial commanders, the chaos hordes were slaughtered without mercy.

The Legend

Born and raised in Quanelles, Auguste has all Bretonian blood running through hes venues. Early in his life he was engaged in the kitchen of Marquis De Groetesque. A fine nobleman with very high demands for staffs skills. That way Auguste quickly learned the fine art of cuisine.With the temper of a true Bretonian cook he also developed a distinct ability with knifes etc.and parralel to his cooking skills evolved into a skilled fighter.

Auguste left his masters service and went into the Empire to seek his luck there. Why he left Bretonia is not known - according to himself it was because of romance between him and his masters mistress but rumors has it that at a dinner party one of hes masters guests came down to the kitchen to complain about the sauce and now Auguste is wanted for lethal assault on a nobleman.

The Heroes own Words

"Ahhh - mon ami. Have a taste on tziz wonderfull creme brulé - I hope you will enjoy it, because it will certanly be your last!"

A friends word

"Never accept any of his Hors d'oeuvre ..."