Brother K'Rieg

Full name

Brother K'Rieg


A seeker of shaded Enlightenment


Date nor year is excact but most likely close to 2480 IC


Fell in the legendary fight against the creature Calamatheus.

Preferred style of combat

The open hand - combined with a good amount of rage as described by the legend Aristotle of Belgium.

Other skills

K'Rieg could run like the wind blows across the Sea of Claws: without purpose or direction but fast as a peasant who had just been caught shagging the 13 year old daughter of the local noble. An ability which was often mis-interpreted by both friends and foes. That one chooses to run does not mean retreat, it is not the same as fleeing, running away, chickening out, putting one's tail between one's legs. It does not indicate cowardice, nor lack of courage in general. It shows the will to live!!11!!oneone!1eleven!

The Legend

The son of a Rich merchatnt of Averheim conceived out of wedlock and much to his mother's dismay, given to the monestary "The Silent Fang" still as an infant.

K'Rieg was never much appreciated amongst his fellow brothers of his monestary and was often seen as too governed by his curiosity. With a hunger for new impressions and a lust for the mundane world he was kicked out of "The Silent Fang" - not litterally though - at age 16 with the orders of "try spreading the word of our teachings - and do be so good as to not get physical to your potential initiates."

Known affectionally amongst his friends as "Little Ox" he could always be counted on for any "good fistfight" and that fact quickly got him a reputation as an atypical seeker of enlightenment. He was a firm believer that meditation was a means of focusing ones aggressions - and not ridding one self of them.

The Heroes own Words

"Come, friends - let us ponder the insults of those inbred, feeble minded, semi-retarded sons of every man's cattle before we confront them."

A friends word

"K'rieg ... you go first..."