Corvus Corax

Full name

Corvus Corax




Unknown - he himself insinuate that in reality he is a product of some magical experiment performed by a deity.


Nobody knows what happened to Corvus after his friends fatal encounter with the dragon Calamatheus. The common rumor will know that he settled down as tutor in his Wizards Collage to pass his knowledge to upcoming invokers. However, other rumors tells about a great Wizard wandering the World Edge Mountains, blinded by his hunt for a terrible creature that has lit his heart with endless hatred.

Preferred style of combat

Opposed to his friends Corvus never used his muscles and physice to deal with his enemies. Oh no, he was far more sophisticated. He used curses and wizardry to slay his opponents. Many a foe was victim to these terrible and unexplainable forces. Corvus was armed with a big scythe - which was mostly used for ceremonial purposes because of the scythes symbolic value for his order - The Emperial Amathyst College of Altdorf.

Other skills

Corvus loyal companion was the Raven Scythe to whom Corvus had a telepathic link. The Raven could among other things be his eyes and ears on even very long distances - an ability that saved the party from many certain catastrophes.

The Legend

The story has it that Corvus originates from Salzenmund in the northern most part of the Empire. As a juvenile he was adopted by the Order of The Amathyst Wizards who has noticed hes extraordinary abilities. Otherwise very little is known about Corvus past for reasons not least caused by the secrecy that marks the Amathyst Order. Even Corvus real name is not known today. The name Corvus Corax is latin for "Common Raven" -a name he has adapted because of his close elations to Scythe.

The Heroes own Words

Yeees, my little black flying friend...feast on his eyes, that he shall never see the light of day again.

A friends word

(editorial note: no friends are left alive, to tell of Corvus' life and doings).