Diego Emanuel Christian D'Toro

Full name

Diego Emanuel Christián D'Toro


Duelist, Former Estallian Diestro


2481 IC in the Kingdom of Estallia


Still in active duty

Preferred style of combat

Diegos fighting techniques includes two lethal methods. Diego is a true master with the light Rapier but what has made him famous from Estallia to Kislev is his legendary skills with his numerous handguns. A true broadside of heavy caliber weapons basically moves the favor of battle to his own side. When the gunsmoke has vanished from the field of battle its an easy job for his fellow brothers-in-arms to finish the job among the scratches that once was a menacing threat.

Other skills

In reality Diego is just as dangerous on the marbled floors as on the battlefield. His exotic charm and his long black hair has conquered the heart of many a virgin. His etiquette has therefor made him just as many enemies in the High Society in the Emperial cities as with the Orc tribes in the deep woods of Ostermark.

The Legend

Diego is the third son of Christoff Emanuel Christián D'Toro - a rich merchant of good, but low noble kind. Even though it never slipped his lips the romours has it that he, as the youngest son, had severe difficulties getting his fathers recognition.

Schmidt und Weser - cal. .50' - Diego's preferred handcanon

His interest in his fathers crops and vineyards has always been second to his restless mind which more often has driven him the the taverns in the city rather than the merchants dark meeting rooms. This climaxed when his father banished him from his house and Diego decided to seek his luck far away from home. Deep in his hart hooping that Legend and Honor would redeem him in his fathers eyes, he found his way to the heart of the Empire.

Several years with light living and danger has now passed and his skills in the art of war have been steadily increasing. Many a foe has learned the costly lesson of the consequences of being on the wrong end of the famous handguns, masterly worn by a true master. The Gods have so far held their hands over Diego but his fellow companions are starting to ask how long this can continue. Small tokens of the Gods dissatisfaction has slowly started to show. Is this a test or are the patience of the Gods finally used up?

The Heroes own Words

Do you feel lucky, punk?

A friends word

Diego, get out of that brothel you Estalian peacock ... please.