Father Theodor Elias From

Full name

Father Theodor Elias From




2478 IC


From ended up as Bishop in Middenheim county. He still contionues to contribute to the hard efforts of keeping the scoundrels out of Middenland.

Preferred style of combat

From was master of some rare and sspecial combinations of holy powers and hes skills with a sword.

Other skills

Froms close relations to the gods meant that he often was able to contribute with tome saving words during the heat of battle - word that strengthen and even heal hes fellow brothers from the wounds they often received from their fearsome opponents. The same powers could be used to weakened his opponents and thereby effect the outcome of battle.

The Legend

Basically From never made a big figure out of himself and even among friends he appeared quite anonymous. Mostly it was his healing and strengthening powers that was popular. His "important" messages about salvation and forgiveness never really made an impression.

The Heroes own Words

Be safe, my fellow Orc - soon you will meet your creator. I will now kindly bless thy forehead with this holy sword....it might hurt a bit.

A friends word

Ahhh cmon, Farther...leave that holy book and pay some serious attention to this wound on my leg....now!