Grom the Barbarian

Full name

Grom is a nickname. Nobody knows his real name.


Barbarian (Troll Slayer)


2356 IC


As the many dwarfs seeking the meaning (and the end) of their existence, Grom has gone through an endless line of battles with Trolls which since evolved to Giants and their like. If Grom is still alive hes properly trying to find his superior among even the Greater Deamons of the most unholy places of this world.

Preferred style of combat

Grom was master of a rare and very sophisticated technique, which has been evolved and fine tuned over centuries. A technique that only the most profound Slayers are able to master - it's called the "GARRRGGHH - CHARGEEEE - TO THE DEATH!!!!!" technique.

Other skills

Groms skills with the heavy Two-Handen Axe was second only to his skills with the heavy Two-Handen beer cup. An ability that, according too his own explanations, was subject to great amount of respect in the Dwarfish communities. Their are several examples of how Grom was able to combine these too skills - by going to battle drunk.

The Legend

Very little has slipped past Groms lips regarding his past. Troll Slayers, whcih traditionally has very little time left to live, often choose this bleak path because they have either been disgraced in their hometown or otherwise been subject to a severe catastrophe. Grom never told why he has chosen this career and the rumors about what had happend are many but none with much credibility.

Groms efforts for his fellows was priceless. His Axe cleaved the skulls of their enemies in such a speed that hadn't been since. In spite of big efforts Grom never found his superior although he came pretty close from time to time. Perhaps one day the Gods will smile upon him and send him a Giant or even a Deamon that will seal the destiny that he has sought for so many years.

The Heroes own Words

Ahh...what a terrific doubt a good day to die!

A friends word

None ...