Karl-Heinz Tödschlagger

Full name

Karl-Heinz Tödschlägger


Warrior - Heavy Infantry


2476 IC


Burnt and eaten by Calametheus, 2503 IC

Preferred style of combat

Karl Heinz was a master of close combat. Wearing heavy plate armor and a large shield, he could take massive damage a still fight back. Hacking left and right with his broadsword.

Other skills

Karl only lived for the excitement and rush of battle. This reduced his social skills to drinking contents and the frequent display of battle scars to many young maidens.

The Legend

Karl was born and raised in the village of Mellingen between Altdorf and Marienburg. Already as a snotling, his father started on Karls military training. Karls father was a veteran from many of the Emperors battlefields - a tradition Karl took up and after many years of soldiering - Karl was included as a Legionaire in the Heavy Infantry regiment of the Reiksgard in Altdorf.

After 5 years of hard and bitter fighting for the Emporer as a Reiks Legionaire, Karl, found all his friends lay slain and cold on the fields before Wolfsburg and decided he had done his turn for the Emporer.

When Karl joined our motley crew, his skills and tactical overview helped in many an occasion, to turn the tide of battle in our favor.

Karls abilities was however not enough when we met the mighty Calamatheus i 2503. Despite Karls many attempts to slash the beast, it was of no help. We all fell before its acrid flames, mighty claws and razor sharp teeth of the beast...rest in peace thou soldier for the Empire.

The Heroes own Words

Ooh this one, aahh nothing, just a goblin spear through the kidney, you can actually see the exit wound on my back... but that would mean I would have to take the whole shirt off. Maybe we should go to my room, I don't want to embarass the whole bar...

A friends word

Karl never really contributed much to the interlectual debates but as a skilled fighter and loyal friend there a few I rather would have fought side by side with. If it will claim my life I'll still seek to preserve his memory and honor his name. Corvus Corax - last remaining member of the fellowship (claim disputed)