Father Leif Borka

Full name

Father Leif Borka




2471 IC


Burnt and eaten by Calametheus, 2503 IC.

Preferred style of combat

Leif was well versed in the art of war. First of all his most famous close combat technique was his brutal attack with his mace. Many Goblins had some hard lesson in the headbutt-competitions Leif insisted the took. This mighty weapon was quickly named "Hammer of God" due to Leifs belief that this hammer was more than it seemed to be.

Furthermore Leif was blessed with divine abilities which not only help himself and his party but also weakened his enemys to great extend.

Other skills

His divine skills was also very handy in the hours between - and especially after- the fierce engagements they so often had to endure. His skills as a healer was most welcome but often overseen was his blessings before the battles which empowered the heroes to make them able to overcome even the hardest trials.

The Legend

Leif was raised together with Andreas Fuchs. As Leif was the older of the two he took the responsibility of the elder brother. Together they endured the harsh childhood at the monestary and took up the Holy Word and set out into the world.

When Andreas left for what he thought was a Holy Call to defend Middenheim, Leif continued his quest of defending the Empire from its enemies within. He found common course with Sven Bergson, Guildenstern and Karl Heinz Tödschläger.

Their path went to the isolated town of Kernstadt which was terrorized by the Dragon Calamatheus. Initially Leif opposed the groups engagements in this matter because he thought the monetary issues weighted too heavy in their motivations. Unfortunately, he bend to their greed and was too a victim of the devastating breath of this terrible creature.

The Heroes own Words

Let me bless thy forehead with this token of ever lasting peace - The Hammer of God!!!!

A friends word

Don't touch me!!!