Ranalf Thundershield

Full name

Ranalf Thundershield


First Class Runebearer, but wanders freely killing orcs and stuupid humanz at the moment.


Karak Varn, World Edge Mountains. Right next to your ordinary green skin baddie.


To be determined, but it will eventually end quite colorfully (editorial note: Grungni has yet to bestow him more Fate Points, if he is to hold more sessions).

Preferred style of combat

Axe and Shield. Is there any other way?

Other skills

Excellent scout, fine stoneworker. Has yet to grasp the vague social etiquette of the frail humans.

The Legend

Son of Baldrik Thunder, Master Runebearer for Karak Varn. Ranalf got his nickname, Thundershield, when he survived a direct hit from an orc bolt thrower i a mine below the hold. The impact resounded with a great thunderclap, that scared the little goblins and allowed the Shieldbreakers from Karak Varn to storm the Boltthrover.

The Heroes own Words

Travelling is good, not enough gold yet, but my nose has never failed me before, so just follow me laddie.

A friends word

None ...