Sven Bergson

Full name

Sven Bergson




2479 IC


Burnt and eaten by Calametheus, 2503 IC, although the story goes that a hero by the same name emerged shortly thereafter as savior of the Empire.

Preferred style of combat

Svens big love was to his Two Handed Sword. He had an incredible ability to handle this mighty weapon with such force and precision that his late comarades claimed that they could hear the soft crackle of electricity in the ionized air trailing the arc of the sword.

Other skills


The Legend

Sven had Norse blood running in his veins. Nobody know his precise place of birth but he himself claimed that he was a son of Hillbard Bergson - a great chieftain of the most renowned tribes in his area...a statement that never really got confirmed. Some chaos cultists even claim that Sven was the byproduct of this chieftain and some unknown slavegirl and that Sven only assumed the name of his master to hide this fact. However, son of a chieftain or not - Sven skills in combat was never in dispute...never!

Svens temper was of epic proportions - his fury was such that cities would declare martial order when he arrived at the gates, all just to be sure they had sufficient legal leverage to handle a brawl involving Sven and any hapless group of individuals. His comrades never complained though - their necks having been saved more than once by the combination of fury and sword.

Man of justice

One of the most famous incidents that confirmed Sven reputation as a righteous man and defender of the law was when he executed the farmer Jonathan Plough - this abomination, this menace and terror to all civil law and order has borrowed Svens horse without permission - apparently in a desperate attempt to get some insulin to one of his many children.

The farmer was forced to his knees and his desperate cries for mercy was swiftly cut short by the sound of Svens sword cleaving the air and the the farmers neck - separating his head from his body.

Justice has been served ...

That's how the story goes when told by the chaos spawn still running around in the empire. The truth of the story is that this little horse thief had helped himself to all four horses of our little adventuring party, when he postured as a stableworker at the inn. As everyone knows, stealing a horse is a capital offence and as such the penalty was fair. Being offered the sword was an honor bestowed upon the thief by Sven. Usually a swift lynching, implying the slow, painfull death of suffocation was the result of stealing horses.

The Heroes own Words


Words from a misguided friends you really think it was necessary to behead that farmer? ....I mean, he was unarmed and we only had 2 miles left to the town. A surprised K'Rath after witnessing Svens dealings with the farmer.