Galactic Hall of Fame

The Galactic Hall of Heroes contains the magnificent statues of the acolytes that has been serving with the inquisition.

Even though the Curriculum Vitae of these acolytes are kept secret, they are made public here in the Galactic Hall of Heroes.

Anthon Barbie
aka The Jackal

A child of the hive, Anthon has risen through the ranks of the Inquisition to become an expert craftsman of death.

Krauze Thadius
Imperial Psyker - Heretic

Unknown origin, but famous nontheless.

Roark Ashcroft
Guardsman extraordinaire

Close combat and Roark are synonymous. Deadly in the extreme.

Felix Karelius
Judge and executioner

Starting out in law-school, Felix quickly advanced to the shooting range and from there to the Inquisition.

Erik König
Sergeant of the Foundry Rats

Famous for his double chainsword manouvers.

John Venom
Heavy Weapon Wielder

The Foundry Rats most deadly heavy-weapon wielder.

Loke the Psyker
Imperial Psyker

Can't live without them, can't live with them. The dark psionic powers of the Warp are mastered through the psykers mind.

Ragner Fahlstaff
Cleric of the army

Singer of sermons and a certain morale booster for his comrades when the bullets are flying.