Anthon Barbie

Full Name

Anthon Barbie




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Scintilla, level unknown. Anthon himself claims heritage to the master assasin Felix Ripper of the upper spires.


Making it big ...

Fighting Style

Twin Hecuter firing hot slugs into the vitals of an unaware opponent.

Other Skills

Anthon has been known to employ an auto-gun when more bullets and less finesse was required.

The late journalist Esmer Beil wrote "a lot of innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire" after a small encounter on a mid-hive level of the Scintila hive. Esmer Beil reportedly had incriminating evidence against the perpetrators behind the shootings, evidence that was to appear in the next edition of the Scintila Chronicle.

Sadly Esmer Beil was found dead in his office ... his death was caused by a syringe projectile fired from a Surgeon MK IV rifle.

The Legend

Rumor has it that the assasination of the industrial leader Ranfeld König was carried out by a member of the Yellow Hand a cult of individuals blacklisted by the Inquisition as heretics. This fact was left undisputed by the real perpetrators, as Ranfeld Köning was a rather powerful individual with a set of very vengeful allies.

The official story was that Ranfeld König was hit by several shots fired from a passing electro car, when he was getting into his own limo. However, when marshal Carolina Voloptius scrutinized the confiscated IR records of rouge servitor skull, she discovered that the killing shots came from a hidden assasin whose silhouette could barely be seen at Ranfelds back.

Own Words

If you can read this you're dead ...