Krauze Thadius

Full Name

Krauze Thadius


Imperial Psyker


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Somewhere in deep space...properly the Warp.


Yet to be determined - still in active duty.

Fighting Style

So far Krauze has depended on his .50 cal full automatic Hercuter and his hand held axe, but recetnly he has achived quite good results with the power of his mind. Could it be...? Maybe in the near future his thoughts will be more deadly than a barrage of high-impact molybdenum carbide projectiles?.

Other Skills

Several (read: all) members of Krauze's crew owe at least one body part to his healing and first aid skills.

The Legend

Much is uncertain about the birth of the child Krauze. What is know is that he was born on the M/S Agent Connin on its return trip from Granithor some 30 years ago. His mother was caught in the airlock shortly after her delivery while trying to flush her newborn baby into outer space herself included. Some says this was just an ordinary birth psychosis but other says a far more sinister event motivated her actions. None still lives to tell this side of the story.

Krauze then travelled the sector as an orphan maintenance worker onboard the Agent Connin. The captain of the ship, Claus Ditricht, was a high consumer of the cheap and controllable orphan workers (usually 5 to 10 ten units per warp-trip) but mysteriously Krauze managed to survive for more than ten years. As time went on strange thing began to happen onboard. The navigators found it increasingly difficult to enter and leaving the Warp, strange sounds and smells roamed the vessel and slowly the crew was starting to talk about a curse. All this was brought to an end a day the ship docked at Tarsus Orbital Space Station - here a delegation of Imperial officials was waiting. Without further explanations they expropriated the ship and its crew, executed the captain and took Krauze away for further investigations. Fortunately the authorities that evidently found him judged him worthy of existence and after an unknown number of years in their custody he was "set loose" in the harsh and merciless environment of Sibellus. Here he made fellowship with Roarke and Anthon. In the beginning it was just practically measures to increase the chances of survival but their friendship grew and recent actions has gone from survival to responsibility...maybe the fate of Scintilla isnt so dark as it appears to be?

Own Words

Truly the 50 cal is mightier than the pen!