Full Name





In the swamps of Dusk.


Someone has to sit in that bloody throne. I dun' care if its golden, black or purple with stripes all over.

Fighting Style

Roark favours close combat as it allows him to utilize his size and strength. If possible he will choose a mono-wire two-handed sword, which, when swung correctly can send body parts into geo-sync orbit. He is no stranger to ranged weapons but up close is where the fun is.

Other Skills

Lifting stuff - heavy stuff. Pushing stuff - heavy stuff. Shoving stuff - heavy stuff... and, oh ya, lifting stuff.

The Legend

Roark was born on the feral world of Dusk. His father died in a dispute when Roark was two years of age and his mother of disease when he was five. After being orphaned his uncle took him in and though Uncle Mort was the brother of his father he never cared much for Roark. His only close relation was the bastard son of Mort: a scrawny little boy named Aris. Roark was the brawn and Aris was the brain and together the harsh world of Dusk became bearable.

Though Roark did, on occasion, wonder why they were shunned by even the most hardened inhabitants of Dusk; it still came as a shock to him the day the Black Ship set down. To this day, that moment will always been the last thing on Roark’s mind before going to sleep. The image of the morning mists of Dusk, parting as the plasma drives of the massive ship roared, signalling its departure, carrying the only friend his childhood had offered.

Time went by and one day another colonization attempt was made on Dusk. Like all its predecessors, it failed, but the guard-detail of the colonists took Roark with them as they lifted off. From that day onwards Roark became Conscript Roark, proud serving member of the bulk of the imperial army. All was well and life began to look bright and promising… for a while at least.

It was supposed to be a routine mission. A simple matter of redeploying elsewhere in the sector, get on the huge transport Vervilix and get off at some other place. How hard could it be and what could possibly go wrong? Well, apparently the transport got too close to CONTENTS OF FILE DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS.

After Roark’s debriefings on Scintilla he was discharged because CONTENTS OF FILE DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS, so once again life held no immediate purpose. Then one day he was approached by a representative of the CONTENTS OF FILE DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS But on the upside, he had made some new friends… Or at least some new companions.

Own Words

You really can't sense how excited someone is unless you get close... real close.