Castle Lenkster

Just south of the Middle Mountains on the borders between Hochland and Ostland lies Castle Lenkster. For the time being this castle serves as the residence for the Count of Grenz, but it has changed hands many time for the last couple of centuries. It's posstion protects the borders well for both the nabouring provinces and thereby makes it a very attractive asset. On a day to day basis it keeps the surrounding lands protected for roamng Orcs and Beastmen, espescially in the winthers when the cold weather force these creatures to seek down from the mountains to satisfy their hunger.

Inspired by northern and central european late medieval period architecture, this is basicly a suggestion of a typical midsize castle in the Empire. It was used for a gamesession as Castle Lenkster but it could actually be any castle anywhere in the Old World.


The fortress is well protected. To the east and south the river of Lachtbeck makes a siege almost impossible and to the west and north the terrain makes a very difficould approach. Furthermore the forrest has been cleared in a radius of about a mile to minimize the cover for an attacker and thereby make ideal conditions for the defenders artillery.

The lower part of the construction is made of large stones while the upper and more recent parts of the castle is made of wood covered with ceramic non-flameable tiles.


1: Main house
  • Accomodation for the nobles
  • Library
  • Knightshall
2: Tower
  • Offices
  • Northern battery (2 pc. 3lbs canons)
  • Dinnerhall
3: Watchtower
4: Mansion
  • Kitchen
  • Weavers
  • Accomodation for staffpersonel
5: Stables
  • Stables
  • Vinecellar
  • Brewery
  • Provisions
6: Carpenter
  • Carpenters workshop
  • Accomodation for craftsmen
7: Smithie
  • Armourer and blacksmith
8: Eastern tower
9: Maingate
  • Guardhouse
10: Bridge
11: Southtower
  • Armoury
12: Storehouse
  • Stone, wood etc.
13: Westtower
  • Guardhouse
14: Chapel
  • Church
  • Infirmary
15: Westgate
  • Small and well defenden gate
16: Gate of Nobles
  • Only used in case of siege
17: Innerwall
18: Main kitchen
  • Butcher
  • Bakery
19: Artillerytower
  • Garrison
  • Soldiers halll
  • Powderhouse
  • Western battery (3 pc. 5lbs Mortars)
  • Dungeon and Torturechamber
Dusk settles over the castle
The impregnable northern cliff face
The castle seen from afar
The castle and its moat
The ancient chapel
The dining hall - the wall showing former rulers