Framing someone for murder

The scene is an Inn somewhere in the Empire (or wherever). The adventures finds a body close to the inn. The murder has taken place during the night which means that all the guest are considered suspects.

The Body

When the party found the body they discovered the following:

  • The course of death was a blow to the head from a stub weapon i.e. a club or a mace (not a rapier or knife)
  • The footprints did not indicate a battle which means that victim might have known his killer.
  • In the adventure the victim was earlier badly wounded in his right hand. His sword could therefore have been placed afterwards.
The corpse

Footprints in the snow

Closer study of the footprints reveals a distinct mark on the killers left sole. A capitol M - maybe an initial for the murderers name?

The footsteps of the murderer

The Boots

The party discovered that the suspect had some very compromising boots in his locker.

HOWEVER: Closer study of the boots reveals that the M is not mirrored in the snow, indicating that the most obvious suspect is being framed. Who the real killer is up to the GM.

The boots belonging to the murderer