The Skaven do not exist

Skaven [Raticus Maximus]

-- they do not exist - Well, thats a known fact among every commoner in the Empire. Well, some people claims that they actually do exist ... and yes, there are even some that say they have been fighting these small cunning creatures themselves (if you are among those please send us a mail and we will dispatch an inquisitor to you as soon as possible).

But IF they actually do exist how would they appear? Here at Malleus we have published an article in which we will try to visualize this question, starting with the most feared of them all - The Grey Seer.

Grey Seer [Canities Vidi Malus]

The most powerful of all the Skavens are the Grey Seers. Besides being extremely intelligent and clever they are also masters of the dark art of Skaven Magic.

Seers are very rare among Skavens (thank god) and only the best of them survive the hard training that starts just after birth. The most distinguished mark of these ratlings are the fact that they have grey or even white fur but most important of all is that they have horns springing out of their backhead.

One of the Scholars at has described the nature of these beast . Click the image to the right to see the details.

Grey Seer commanding the action ... from the rear of course

Eshin [Assassinatus Rapidies]

The Assassin from Clan Eshin is indeed a cruel instrument of the Ratmen. Skilled in the art of surprise, he sneaks up open his prey and decisively comply his task, leaving no trail but the molested corpse of his victim.

Like the Seers these rats have distinguished marks from birth. Their fur is black and are taking from their nest to start a tough training to become skilled killers in the Skaven society.

Oh yes...a good thing that they don't exist....phew!!!

Eshin about to engage a foe

Clanrat [Raticus Nomerous]

Those rats that don't qualify as Eshin, Seers or some membership of another sophisticated Clan usually end up as a Clanrat. They are far from as dangerous as the Eshin and much lesser intelligent than the Seer, but they have one advantage - their number is huge!

The Clanrat is the most common ratman of them all. They are the backbone of the Skaven army and they fight in big regiments. Although they are far from brave they compensate for their lack of bravery by sheer numbers.

Clanrat attacking ... caution is everything

Screaming Bell [Campana Enormous Noiseus]

One of the most profane constructions the Skavens have ever created is the Screaming Bell. A huge bell on top of a vehicle that most of all can be compared to some kind of wicked alter. Pulled and/or pushed by a large number of ratlings, these things are one of the cornerstones in the Seers Machineries of War.

On the Battlefield these Bells are an enormous asset to the Skaven Hordes. Causing fear and terror in their enemies and things that are much worse.

Hells Bells

Cruelties of the Skaven

Young girl ritually sacrificed

The Skavens are clever, cunning and farsighted. Their evil plans and doings are beyond count.

The image to the left shows the result of some of the wicked work from these creatures. A young girl has been sacrificed to please the ratmens evil god- The Horned Rat. We can only speculate of what blessings it might have resulted in....if any?

Skaven sacrificial knife

The knife shown here has been used for the cruel ritual. Rather small, made of human bones and skin, chicken feathers and the blade of rusty steel inscribed with unholy Skaven symbols.