Subject Zero

The images below were used in an adventure where the acolytes searched for a lost ship called The Renown of the Bastille class.

Hints to the ships location were scattered around hive Sibellus as well as on Scintilla Prime. When the acolytes finally located the ships log book it told a harrowing tale of chaos and murder being unleashed. The ship was located and inside it was a frozen prisoner believed to be infected with a virulent virus suspected of originating from within the Warp.

The final parts of the adventure sent the acolytes deep down in the bowels of Hive Sibellus, to locate their contact Xander, who had been abducted by the mad scientist known only as *The Doctor*.

A dark alley

The acolytes is meeting a "friend" in an alley.

The same alley

With a little help from Infrared goggles the meeting proves to be an ambush.

Log Book

A strange book carrying the name of a lost ship suddenly appears. Obviously some kind of key is needed to open it.

The Doctor

Following the leads to rescue their kidnapped superior, the acolytes find that they are too late.


An ordinary prison cell - in our case onboard a Bastille-class ship, but it could be anywhere.

A secret room behind the closet

A successful search reveals secrets hidden in the closet.

VIP prisinor in cryo-sleep

Our session introduced a very dangerous prisoner who was contained in a cryo-prison.