Game Mechanics

Type: Hover Vehicle
Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 10, Hull 8
Narrative Speed: 65 kmph/125 kmph
Combat Speed: 15/45/90/135/180
Armaments: None
Handling (Drive (Hover Vehicle)): +0
Crew: 1 (Driver)
Passengers: 4
Access Points: Top hatch
Special: None

The Armadillo is fast and robust mean of transport; suitable for both the narrow streets and broad arteries (main traffic routes) of the hives. A common sight through the towns of Scintilla, but due to the cost of vehicles in general these are reserved for Upper Hive residents, successful gangleaders or government officials.

Front View

Armadillo Front View

Rear View

Armadillo Rear View

The Armadillo is equipped with an anti-grav engine which gives it pretty good off-road capabilities but makes it unusable if the terrain gets to rough.


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The Armadillo shown above is the typical variant but it is produced in a wide range of configurations. The Nobles usually enjoy variants with fine imported leather and large engines while gangsters prefer spoilers, armour plating and heavy weapon mountings etc.

Underhive Variant

Armadillo Underhive Variant