John Bachmeyer cl



Class: John Bachmeyer
Type: Product tanker (Civilian Craft)
Cargo: LPG (Liquified Petrolium Gasses)
Capacity: 138.2 million m³ (4879 mill. ft³)
Displacement: 32.800.000 Tons Deadweight
Size: 3.481 meters lengths between pp
Main Propulsion: 3 Bauer & Wilkins Heavy Duty Thrusters, 2 RR Proteus Warp drives
Armaments: None
Crew: 35
Passengers: None
Bachmeyer plan


The John Bachmeyer class is a typical gas tanker that carries LPG (Liquified Petrolium Gasses) from the distant gas-mines to the big process facilities at places like Scintilla Prime. A rather slow vessel but over the years it has proved to be a stable and reliable design, and today it is used by a number of consortiums all over the sector.

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The ship is constructed around 33 coolant pressure tanks, each containing 4.2 mill m³ gas.The value of the cargo can be quite high, and even if they are only in transit to the Joint Fleet Warp-travel rendezvous points, it's not uncommon to see these vessels escorted by the Imperial Navy, especially because the majority of the gas-giants which are being harvested for their valuable products are placed in remote and unsecure parts of the sector.