Orb Barge


Class: Jules TransOrb XIII
Type: Small transport vessel
Size: 85 m (279 ft)
Displacement: 840 tons
Cargo: 4 TEU ( 600 tons)
Armaments: None
Crew: 6
Passengers: >10
Special: Transorbital Capabilities

The Orb Barge is the workhorse in transorbital transport i.e. the transport of goods from the planet surface to the large interstellar vessels or spacestations that orbits the planet. Large vessels will crush under their own weight if they attempt to land in a gravitational enviroment like a planet surface and therefore a number of smaller vessels are used to carry out this task. Needless to say a vast number of these vessels are needed to service hives like Sibellus and Tarsus.

The barge shown here is a typical example of these vessels, however they can vary a great deal in size and design depending on their specific purpose.

Front View

Rear View

A small group of barges are returning
home to Tarsus, with cargobays full of
grain and other goods from a distant world

Returning Home


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