Type: Hive World
Climate: Temperate
Population: 25+ billion
Planetary Governor: Marius Hax
System: Scintilla System
Sector: Calixis Sector
Sub-sector: Golgenna Reach
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Major Satellites: Moon: Lachesis
Moon: Solthus
Orbital space station: Scintilla Prime


The two major settlements on the planet are the hive-cities of [Sibellus](../hive-sibellus) and [Tarsus](../hive-tarsus). The vast majority of the population resides in these two manmade clusters of constructual madness.

Besides that, the Industrial settlement of Gun Metal City and the wandering city of Abullon make up for the rest of the planet's inhabitans.


Scintilla Map

This is a high-res version of the Scintilla map.

The map is meant as a generic document and landscape, names, buildings etc. will be added along the way. Feedback and ideas are therefore most welcome.

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Gun Metal City

Compared to Sibellus and Tarsus, Gun Metal City is just a small town - however, it contributes considerable to the overall economy of Scintilla. Placed directly upon an active volcano, the big forges of the city has all the energy they could ever ask for.


In the big tropic forrest that stilll remains on Scintilla lays the ruins of the Tanebra. Once the major Hive of Scintilla; long since abandoned for reasons unknown. However, the inhabitants that moved in here following the exodus has not made it a warm and hospitable place…far from.