Arxcis Major

Main Functions: Arxcis Major
Main Functions: Central Operations
Secondary Functions: Habitation, Administrative and Clerical
Adeptus in charge: Imperial Navy & Adeptus Administratum
Rear-Admiral Nelson E. Armitage
Population: 224.200 Total
200 Nobles
20.000 Noble staff
15.000 Generel Staff, Central Operations
12.000 Workers
3.000 Slaves
7.000 Dock personel
89.000 Clerks & Adminstrators
28.000 Service Personel
38.000 Religious Personel
5000 Security
5.000 Out of category
2.000 Unknown
Security Level: Low (Stellar Reach: Medium)


The central part of Scintilla Prime, housing the Administratum since the Angevin Crusade and, following the Marcus Dorn incident, the Ecclesiarchy. The Arxcis Major holds all the primary functions of the station.

Station Control

Perhaps the most significant organ, in terms of day to day routines, is Station Control, who maintains all the basic needs of the facility, life-support, power consumption, flight control etc. The Station Control Commander is, as decreed by the [Sorenson Resolution](..#sorensen-resolution), the naval officer residing in Scintilla Prime’s Council Quartet. A fact that has been contested on more than one occasion, seeing as this is, without comparison, the most influential office held in the CQ. But so far the representatives of the Adeptus Terra summoned to overturn the resolution, have refused to budge on this point and in recent years, the attempts the overturn the governing resolution have lessened in frequency.

Stellar Reach

The spire of the Arxcis Major is known as the Stellar Reach and is reserved for high-ranking members of the Imperial Branches and influential civilians from the top of the Hives of Scintilla. The Stellar Reach offers several rooms and suites with force field panoramic views of lunar- and sun-rises over Scintilla, making it the one of the most prestigious places in the sector to live or even stay, if only for a day-cycle or two.

VIP Entrance to Scintilla Prime

The lower part of the Arcxis Major is the arrival zone most civilian orbital shuttles. The flight terminals are packed with a broad variety of people from all over the sector. On any given day the majority of these are most likely to be pilgrims and the local business men and women who see to their demands.

Several of the terminals have designated sleeping areas for the pilgrims, but these afford modest comforts and are often near the actual flight decks, resulting in frequent accidents, seeing as the human body does not react well to the proximity of plasma driven space engines.

The largest part of the Arcxis Major is made up by living quarters, not only for the Imperial Branches personnel, but also the executive level personnel of the other Annexes.