Annex Caminus

Main Functions: Annex Caminus
Main Functions: Mineral Smelting & Refinement
Secondary Functions: Asteroid Mining, Correctional Facilities & Minor Industry
Adeptus in charge: Adeptus Mechanicus
Magos Xellos Anicarn-3
Population: 128.200 Total (estimated)
82.000 Workers
5.000 Slaves
6.000 Dock Personel
5.500 Clerks & Administrators
2.000 Service Personel
1.500 Religious Personel
5.000 Uncategorized
12.000 Uknown
9.000 Security
Security Level: Low


The Annex Caminus is a major artery in the mineral procurement of Scintillan industry. From all over the system, loads of ore and asteroids are brought in for refinement and then shipped down to the surface. This is the domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus and even though the Imperial Navy oversees the operations the Mechanicus are guarding this particular area of interest with rigor and zeal.

The workers of the Caminus are primarily normal employees but the annex has more than a few penal foundries in which behaviour is corrected and spirits are broken.

Very few sentenced on Scintilla Prime have ever seen the inside of these facilities, though.

Asteroid Mining


The Black Market

Within the Caminus are representatives of all the crime syndicates of Scintilla. There is not a single establishment in this annex which does not, in some minor way, contribute to the overall influence and, hence, income of organized crime. Whether your business is guns, drugs or prostitutes it is all found in the Caminus.

The paid workers of the non-penal facilities are paid on a per-cargo basis and even the fastest crews make little more than under-hivers of Sibellus. The expected life-span of the average worker is somewhat less than 30 years. Shifts are rarely shorter than fifteen hours and tools and equipment was in mint condition some 700 years ago. Corruption amongst the rarely seen Arbites is rampant and judicial justice is but a distant dream. The escape chosen by many is drugs. If it can be snorted, injected, ingested or smoked it is for sale on the black market of the Caminus.


The 231st Amendment

The laws of Scintilla Prime are fairly lenient on drug sales but possession and abuse, in particular, is another matter. Under the 231st amendment to the Sorensen Resolution, abuse of Type III hallucinogens is punishable by servitor sentence. This decree was proposed some 250 years ago following the inauguration of Tech Priest Xellos Anicarn-3 and it was passed by the Council Quartet shortly thereafter. It was the Civilian Chair of the CQ, Argos Meniacal of the Skaelen-Hars residing, who proposed and pushed for the motion’s speedy enactment and this piece of legislation has, if anything, consolidated the relationship of the Skaelen-Har Hegemony with that of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The 231st amendment is the single most significant cause of the many servitors in the Caminus and it has, so far, not met any opposition from any of the other political factions.

The servitor sentences are carried out within the walls of the Annex Caminus itself. More specifically by Machav Bath-9 of the Lobos Section, who is in charge of all “ascendance of flesh” on behalf of the tech-priests. Not surprisingly, his name does not instil peace and harmony within the minds of any listener, which perhaps explains the frequent use of his name by the patrolling Arbites.