Annex Castellanus

Main Functions: Annex Castellanus
Main Functions: Planetary Defense
Secondary Functions: Barracks and HQ for SPSF (Scintilla Prime Security Force)
Adeptus in charge: Army of the Scintillian Protectorate
Colonel Alfred Schlutz
Population: 30.700 Total
200 Military Staff
12.000 Orbital Defense Division
3.000 Security division w/ staff (SPSF)
2.000 Dock Personel
1.000 Workers
2.000 Clerks & Administrators
9.000 Service Personel
500 Religous Personel
1.000 Uncategorized
<100 Unknown
Security Level: Medium


The Army of the Scintillian Protectorate - the defence force of Scintilla - has a division placed at Scintilla Prima. It's main purpose is to keep an ever vigilant eye on outer space and to act upon any direct threat to Scintilla and/or the Docks. Although Scintilla is deep within Imperial controlled space and raids and attacks on the planet itself are extremely rare, the Protectorate still maintains a high level of readiness - a direct result of the hard teachings of history. The Protectorate is only responsible for the defence of the planet and should not be confused with the duties of the Imperial Navy, whose responsibilities reach far beyond the grasp of the safe and calm area at the centre of the sector.

The internal security of the station is also managed from this Annex. SPSF (Scintilla Prime Security Force) which includes numerous organisations, including the Adeptus Arbites, are overseeing that the vast population of Scintilla can rest assured, knowing that the Orbital Docks, that they are so dependent upon, are functioning well.

The Defense

The main defence is divided into two Battalions: CAP (Combat Air Patrols i.e. close range interceptors) and AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery).

The CAP Primarily consists of Thunderhawk fighters. A number of these are always on standby for immediate insertion while the majority can be deployed on short notice.

Docking Bays for Alert Fighters

Castan combined artillery and misslie CIWS

The other Battalion is the AAA. It consists of around 60 different batteries spread out all over the station. Several of these are long and intermediate range homing missile batteries but most of them the are combined Close In Weapons System which are able to deliver a barrage of death and destruction at any uninvited visitor.