Annex Classiarius

Main Functions: Annex Classiarius
Main Functions: Sacred sanctuary
Secondary Functions: Chapel, Hospital, library etc.
Adeptus in charge: Imperial Navy
Commander Heitzelwangen
Population: 67.000 Total
32.000 Workers
12.000 Dock Personel
4.000 Clerks & Administrators
9.000 Service Personel
2.000 Religious Personel
2.000 Clerks & Administrators
9.000 Service Personel
4.000 Uncategorized
1.000 Unknown
3.000 Security
Security Level: Medium


The Imperial Navy Annex of Scintilla Prime is one of the original three annexes. Its original purpose was to lend support to the Angevin Crusade’s incursion. Today it serves as a re-supply and repair station for naval vessels of the sector. Scintilla Prime was originally planned a viable choice of Naval Sector HQ but when Port Wrath was chosen the building frenzy on the Classiarius came to a halt.

The Tollsman Pier

Military Drydocks

The Pier of Honour

The Tollsman Pier is the largest mooring facility of the station - intended for battleship class naval ships to anchor, while their commanders would disembark to receive honorary commendations, high security briefings or bask in the glory of the sector governor’s presence.

However, the ambitions went stagnant as the construction buzz of the annex declined and though the pier is constantly manned, the Tollsman Honour Guard is still awaiting any such arrival; and have been for quite some time now, seeing as no ship has ever moored yet.


The Angevin Batteries

“We shall erect enormous batteries of immense cannons
to strike down our enemies anywhere within the system,
in memory of Lord Angevin and for the glory of the God-Emperor.”
Prologue - The Sorenson Resolution

The Angevin Batteries only saw one cannon erected and though it is one of the largest fixed non-ship mounted barrels of the sector, its size pales in comparison to the planned scope of the original project. The gun has only been fired two times since its construction. The first time it fired was when it went into service; the shot served both as a test but also as a display of force projection. The second time was when the Geller signature of the bulk freighter “Hertzenstal” was mistakenly perceived as hostile by Station Control. The Hertzenstal was destroyed along with seven escorts.

The Canon of Angevin

The trial transcript of the responsible target designator reads: “…and as a result hereof 3rd lieutenant Vandheim is hereby condemned to serve within the foundries of the Annex Caminus until such a time has gone by, that he has procured the mass of alloys which he, so recklessly, obliterated”. It is believed that Servitor Vandheim can be found in the “Abyss” penal foundry of the Annex Caminus, but this cannot be confirmed.