Annex Humerus

Main Functions: Annex Humerus
Main Functions: Research
Secondary Functions: Unknown
Adeptus in charge: Adeptus Mechanicus
High Priest Gaia Hox
Population: 42-62.000 Total
2.000 Workers
5-25.000 Researchers
2.000 Dock Personel
8.500 Clerks & Administrators
9.000 Service Personel
2.500 Religious Personel
5.000 Uncategorized
<100 Unknown
8.000 Security
Security Level: Medium to high

The annex was originally intended for aesthetic purposes - to lend a more impressive form and shape to the Docking Station for all arriving travellers to behold. But about five years after the Marcus Dorn incident a research station under the Adeptus Mechanicus was added.

The official purpose of the research facility was to “gauge the practicalities and cost implications of implementing plasma drives on Project Mannhäuser hulls“.

The Humerus

Seeing as Project Mannhauser is highly classified, it is not known what is being done, exactly, at the facility.

Since the addition of the research facility was done following the Dorn incident, a lot of speculation has ensued. Some workers claim to have overheard tech-priests converse about protective measures from what lurks in the Prytanneum, while others speak of highly sensitive weapon-patterns being deciphered and some even consider the Humerus to be nothing less than the first step in rendering the Orbital Station warp-travel capable.


Exallon and the Bor Rebellion

Twenty years ago the shuttle Exallon came within the restricted zone of the Humerus and was escorted to the Castellanus by a detachment of Thunderhawks on duty. The crew of the Exallon was held in the infirmary for questioning many months following their infringement. They all had severe burns on most parts of their bodies and the medical staff could do little to assist the Adeptus Arbites in keeping them at a level of conscience, sufficient to conclude the interrogation. The last one of them passed away after nine days.

A warden of the medical facility, named Karrack Bor, claimed to have seen writings on one of their bodies, which told tales of powerful creatures rewarding worship. Compelled by these tales he began massing followers in the months following the crew’s death by recounting these tales. Exactly three years, three months and three days after the death of the last crewman he led minor revolt in the Prytaneum. The rebels sought access to the Naxes Sector, but armed only with small arms they posed a modest threat to Arbites on call that night-cycle. Karrack Bor was incinerated by a meltagun at point-blank range and with him died the rebellion.