Annex Navalis

Main Functions: Annex Navalis
Main Functions: Shipyards & Drydocks
Secondary Functions: Shipwreck salvage operations
Adeptus in charge: Adeptus Mechanicus
High Priest Gaia Hox
Population: 135.000 Total (estimated)
82.000 Workers
5.000 Slaves
6.000 Dock Personel
21.000 Clerks & Administrators
9.000 Service Personel
1.500 Religious Personel
5.000 Uncategorized
1.000 Unknown
2.000 Security
Security Level: Low

The Annex Navalis compromise the orbital dockyards for the civilian fleet. The dry-docks are for repair and maintenance of ships already in service, while the assembly-docks are the production of new vessels. The Annex is by far the largest dockyard facility in this sub-sector and are responsible for almost half the commercial fleet that service Scintilla on their routes between the stars.

Type 42 Assembly Docks

The Assembly Docks

Large transporters are way too heavy to enter planets atmospheres which means that all spacecraft parts, manufactured at the factories on Scintilla or other places in the sector, has to be transported to this annex to be assembled. This process can take years and are almost as complex as to get the ship-charter from the proper authorities.

The Annex contains a number of Docks, some are under direct authority from the Adeptus Mechanicus, while others are owned by different companies or consortiums. The Scaelen Har are the most significant player with three Type 42 medium capacity Docks and one Type 21 heavy capacity Dock.


The Drydocks

The drydocks of the Annex ensures that the techpriest are able to make repairs and perform maintenance on the vessels under optimal conditions. The annex contains a vast number of small docks, nine medium capacity docks and four large capacity docks.

The Spyro incident

In the year 620M40 the SKS Spyro docked one of the lower large capacity dock facilities for periodic maintenance. However, due to corruption and administrative errors disembarkation of the ships cargo of chemical waste did not occur as planed before docking. Shortly after the maintenance began the waste started to leak from the tanks and it quickly escalated to a major disaster. 2000 maintenance workers where instantly killed and an unknown number casualties followed before the compound was evacuated. The dock was sealed off and due to the missing knowledge of the content of the waste it was decided to await further investigations of the accident. To this day the dock is still sealed off.

Medium Capacity Docks

SHS Calusa entering a Large Capacity Drydock