Annex Prytaneum

Main Functions: Annex Prytaneum
Main Functions: Worship
Secondary Functions: Chapel, Hospital, library etc.
Adeptus in charge: Adeptus Ministorium
Hierophant Gaia Maris VII
Population: 162.000 Total (estimated average)
12.000 Workers
2.000 Dock Personel
35.000 Clerks & Administrators
20.000 Service Personel
8.000 Religious Personel
10.000 Uncategorized
2.000 Unknown
1.000 Security
Security Level: Low (High, see Naxes Sector)


The Prytaneum was one of the original three annexes of the Scintilla Prime. Its purpose was to solidify the faith of Scintilla Prime and its surroundings. It was to be the centre of the Ecclisiarchy in the sector, a spiritual beacon against which, the masses could set the compass of their convictions. This, however, was not to be.

The Marcus Dorn Incident

During the inauguration of 17th Hierophant Marcus Dorn IV the Ecclesiarchy Annex of the Scintilla Prime went into high alert status and it has been locked down ever since.

The details of the lockdown are sketchy at best, but the Hauptmann-Berger report concluded that it was a political assassination attempt on Marcus Dorn. Executed by rogue high ranking members of the Administratum, working in conjunction with a renegade faction of the Ecclesiarchy. The attempt caused the Imperial Guards on duty to declare a class three emergency and open fire. As bolter munitions began to saturate the cramped halls and corridors, the ensuing chaos and disarray that followed, turned the emergency into a complete and utter catastrophe. Based on the recommendations of the report a total of 37 officials were indicted, convicted and executed for high treason. Furthermore, as a result of “…extensive damage to critical life-support systems as well as severe and continued resentment in resident machine-spirits…” the majority of the Annex was sealed off.

However - over the years alternate explanations started to surface, as rumours began flying that strongly oppose the report. Rumours of persons disappearing, never to be heard from again and stories of things best left untold.

The Naxes Sector

The parts of the Prytaneum Annex, that are off limits, quickly became known as the “Naxes” sector – derived from “No Access” - and as the rumours grew stronger, the term “nicked by Naxes” was coined as a phrase for something gone missing.

What truth there might be to the stories cannot be determined without willingly and knowingly committing treason, because the events of the incident have been deemed highly classified. Nevertheless, when the night-cycle of Scintilla Prime approaches, and [Station Control](../arxcis-major#station-control) dims the fluorescent lights of the hallways to pale ghost lights, the bedtime stories, told to the children who have misbehaved, often include the faint and distant screams of pain and anguish emanating from within the Naxes.


The Saints of Old

The original paintings on the outside of the Prytaneum depicted the heroes of the Angevin Crusade, but as the Annex itself was sealed including the library records of said heroes - their names are now lost in time.

Holy Paintings